On this page you will find all the information about the life at the bivouac, as tips from former runners.

The daily bivouac will be in a site previously chosen by the organization which will remain the same for all the adventure. Competitors benefit from a numbered cell camping site. Each tent is identified: a competitor keeps the same tent from the start to the end of the event. The pitching of the tent will be carried out by the organization, the dismantling by each competitor. 

Organized in cells of 6 tents, the bivouac is the place where you will rest and eat, but must of all, exchange with other competitors. All in a united, friendly and warm atmosphere.

The organization will provide each competitor with a large individual tent. It is possible to choose, before the race, the people with whom you want to share the cell. The organization will contact you before the race for that.

At the bivouac, you can devote your free time to rest, prepare your equipment, eat, clean your clothes... 

On the bivouac, you will find:

  • Toilets (don't forget your toilet paper which is not provided by the organization)
  • A medical area with specialized teams for this type of adventure (in particular to treat your blisters) and which will remain open all the time for emergencies

Every day before leaving for a stage, you will have to completely empty your tent and leave no equipment in it (to avoid penalties).

There is no shower on the bivouac, nor water distribution dedicated to this. You can bring cleaning wipes, if you want, and use your water rations to wash yourself.

A shadow zone will be set up in the middle of the bivouac so that competitors can rest and interact, in particular during the rest day.

On the bivouac, it is forbidden to have phone calls to not disturb competitors who would like to rest. You can of course, move away from the camp to make calls.

Advice from former runners on the HALF MARATHON DES SABLES bivouac:

Advice from former runners on the HALF MARATHON DES SABLES bivouac:

  • Ventilate the tent at night, do not close it completely, to reduce humidity
  • Beware of thorns on the bivouac
  • Bring a few clothespins to dry your clothes in the sun
  • Place the opening of your tent in the opposite direction of the wind
  • Don’t forget it can get cold at night
  • Keep your tent closed to prevent the sand from getting inside
  • Be organized
  • Use the tent bag you will find in the tent to put your clothes and shoes for the night. It will keep them dry
  • Keep the bivouac clean and do not leave any waste in it

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