Registration opening: July 17, 2024 



Become pioneers and explore the hidden treasures of the Moroccan Atlantic Coast during the 1st edition of MDS Morocco - Atlantic Coast. Head to the white dunes in Morocco for a week out of time.

On the agenda of MDS Morocco - Atlantic Coast: 3 sublime stages that will take you to the most beautiful places on the Moroccan Atlantic Coast. A total of 70, 100, or 120 kilometers to be covered at your own pace, walking or running.

You will sleep 3 nights in the heart of the white dunes, at the MDS bivouac, as well as 4 nights in a hotel located near Agadir and close to the sea (2 nights before, 2 nights after the adventure). 

Discover what awaits you



You can choose 3 different distances: 70, 100 or 120km, divided into 3 stages.


Here is the breakdown:

  • Stage 1: 25km
  • Stage 2: around 20, 40 or 60km
  • Stage 3: 25km

The stages of the MDS can be completed at your own pace: walking or running. 

More info on the distances and format here.


Program of the adventure


The offers

What is included in the offer:

  • Transfers between Marrakech airport or Agadir, the hotel and the desert
  • 4 nights in a double or triple room in a hotel located close to Agadir on a half-board basis (2 before the race, 2 after the race)
  • Bib for the adventure
  • 3 nights on the MDS bivouac, in an individual tent
  • Medal and finisher T-shirt
  • Dinner and gala evening
  • Repatriation assistance
  • Organization and medical support during the race
  • Water supply during the race

The MDS Morocco – Atlantic Coast offer

Offer including the bib for the MDS adventure, 3 nights in the bivouac and 4 nights in a hotel in double or triple room.


€1,950/person for the 100 first registrants


Join the adventure serenely

The organization of the MDS does its best to ensure that the event takes place in the best conditions, and that participants who register don’t take any risk with adjusted cancellation and postponement conditions.

Free postponement

In case of doubt as the adventure approaches, you can postpone your participation free of charge to the next edition, up to 60 days before departure.

Cancellation conditions

Our registration conditions allow you to cancel free of charge until 5 months before the event.

Cancellation insurance

In case of cancellation of the event by the organization, you will be refunded 100% of the amount you paid within 60 days.



There are 2 options to get to the meeting point of the MDS Morocco - Atlantic Coast: Marrakech or Agadir.

Indeed, you can choose to arrive to the airport of Marrakech, hosting many flights at affordable prices from all over Europe, located at 4 to 5 hours transfer from Agadir.

On the other hand, you can directly arrive to the airport of Agadir, the city where you are sleeping before and after the adventure.

To simplify the arrival of everyone, we offer you the possibility to arrive at the airport that suits you best.

If you arrive at Marrakech airport: transfers to Agadir will be organized on Saturday, January 25 (4 – 5 hours drive).

If you arrive at the airport of Agadir: you can book your flights for January 25.


If you arrive and leave from Marrakech:

  • Outbound: you can arrive until 12:00 pm on January 25, the time of departure of the last buses that make the transfers.
  • Outbound transfers to Agadir: transfers will take place throughout the morning and until 2:00 pm from Marrakech.
  • Return: you must choose a return flight after 1:00 pm on February 1, to have enough time to make the transfer from Agadir.  
  • Return transfers to Marrakech: buses that make the return transfer will leave in the morning (the times of departure of buses will be adapted according to the information provided by the participants). 

If you arrive and leave from Agadir:

  • Outward trip: You can arrive whenever you want on Saturday, January 25.
  • Return trip: You can book your flight at any time on February 1.


You can extend your stay in Morocco by booking an accommodation in Marrakech after Saturday, February 1.


If you have any doubts about booking your flight, don’t hesitate to call us (+33 1 47 05 12 06).  

Find our flight recommendations in our Frequently Asked Questions.

It is necessary to take flight tickets with cancellation and modification insurance, considering the restrictions that may be applied by the countries.


Saturday: arrival in Morocco, transfer from Marrakech to the hotel located around Agadir  

Sunday: technical/medical checks, free day at the hotel

Monday: bus transfer, first stage, night at the bivouac

Tuesday: second stage, night at the bivouac

Wednesday: rest day, night at the bivouac

Thursday: third stage, night at the hotel

Friday: day at the hotel, awards ceremony and gala dinner

Saturday: return transfer to the airport of Marrakech, end of the MDS adventure 


If it’s your first MDS, you probably have a lot of questions. Once you register, we'll send you a full checklist of the material, but here is the principal to have per person:

  • Backpack plus 2 water bottles (type Ultrabag 20L)
  • T-shirt + running shorts
  • Trail shoes + anti-sand gaiters
  • Cap and sunglasses
  • Change: T-shirt + light shorts / leggings
  • Windbreaker jacket for the evening and morning
  • Sleeping bag + mattress for the night
  • Hygiene products (sun cream, soap, antiseptic...)
  • Toilet paper
  • Food and kitchen utensils (cooking utensils, lighter, fire pellets...) 

You can bring a large suitcase with more clothes, which you will leave at the hotel and find after the MDS adventure.

Find more details by clicking here.


A total of 10 meals will be required as follows:

  • Day 3: lunch, dinner.
  • Day 4 and 5: breakfast, lunch, dinner.
  • Day 6: breakfast, lunch. 

The equivalent to 2000KCAL per day is recommended by the organization.


Prices for the MDS Morocco – Atlantic Coast 2025 are as follows:

  • From July 10 to 31, 2024: €2,050/person
  • From August 01 to 31, 2024: €2,100/person
  • From September 01 to 30, 2024: €2,150/person
  • After October 01, 2024: €2,250/person


  • Transfers between Marrakech airport, the hotel and the desert
  • 4 nights in a double or triple room in a hotel located around Agadir on a half-board basis (2 before the adventure, 2 after)
  • Bib for the adventure
  • 3 nights on the MDS bivouac, in an individual tent
  • Medal
  • Finisher t-shirt
  • Dinner and gala evening
  • Repatriation assistance
  • Organization and medical support during the race
  • Water supply during the race


Cancellation conditions:

  • Cancellation is possible without charge until September 1st, 2024.
  • From September 2, 2024 to October 6, 2024 included, 25% of the total amount of the registration will be kept by the organization in case of cancellation.
  • From October 7 to November 10, 2024 included, 50% of the total amount of the registration will be kept by the organization in case of cancellation.
  • From November 11, 2024, no refund is possible, however it will still be possible to postpone your registration according to the conditions detailed below.

Postponement conditions:

  • Up to and including November 10, postponement possible to the next edition free of charge.
  • From November 11, 2024 to December 15, 2024 included: €250 fee for a postponement.
  • From December 16, 2024: no postponement possible.


You can choose between 3 different distances: 70, 100 or 120 km, divided into 3 stages.

These distances are given as an indication and are likely to be adjusted according to the type of terrain and the difference in elevation of the routes. 


During the race, you will be surrounded by the medical and organization teams from the beginning to the end of the stages.

The courses are marked with stakes every 50/100m, so it is almost impossible to get lost.

You will all be equipped with a GPS beacon with an alarm button, allowing the organization to locate you at any time.

A medical tent is present at the bivouac where you can go at any time.


You can pay by:

  • Credit card
    • 1, 3 or 5 instalments
  • Bank transfer
    • 1 instalment

The number of instalments may vary depending on the date of registration. The registration will be 100% validated once the total amount of the registration is paid.


Since 1986, the MARATHON DES SABLES has been crossing the world's most beautiful deserts with several concepts: the MARATHON DES SABLES THE LEGENDARY (252 km in the Sahara Desert in Morocco), the MARATHON DES SABLES (70, 100 or 120 km over 3 stages) and the new 2024 concept, the MDS TREK (4 stages with a total distance of up to 120km) providing an accessible adventure while maintaining optimal comfort.

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