On this page you will find all the information on how to manage food self-sufficiency, cooking equipment, and tips and tricks from former participants. 

The HMDS is a self-sufficient adventure. You will need to bring your own food and carry it in your bag for the 4 days of the race.

Depending on your HMDS destination, you will need to plan a total of 10 to 12 meals.

It is important to select the food that you feel is best suited to the effort involved, the weather conditions, the transport and the weight. 

It is strongly recommended that you have a minimum of 2000 k/calories per race day.

You must be able to present all your meals to the organization during the technical controls before the start.

Managing your food during the HMDS

It's up to you to balance between freeze-dried meals, salty snacks, compotes, soups... Without forgetting the food for the race (especially during the long stage): cereal bars, gels or other energy sources.

For the long stage, you can choose 1 or 2 cold dishes (such as tabbouleh) which will be quicker to prepare.

It is important to test in advance at least a part of the food that you will bring on the trail to avoid any bad surprises.

Cooking equipment

Regarding cooking equipment, we recommend:

  • A cooking pot to heat your water and food
  • A stove to put your cooking pot on and heat it up
  • Fire starter cubes to heat your water
  • A lighter: to light your fire starter cubes
  • Cutlery (fork, spoon...)

Some participants choose not to bring a stove and eat only cold food. Everyone is free to organise their meals as they wish. Please note that a hot meal in the evening, after the stages, brings comfort.

Gas stoves are strictly forbidden

Advice from former participants on food at the HMDS

  • Test freeze-dried recipes before the adventure, in similar conditions of the HMDS.
  • Organize your meals by day by repackaging the dishes in freezer bags. Be careful to note the recipes and calorie count on each bag.
  • Remember that during a race, tastes and appetites change. Remember to take food that you will enjoy.
  • Practice heating water with your stove and cooking pot before the HMDS.
  • Prefer cold recipes so you don't have to carry your cooking equipment.
  • Drink broth-based soups, type Knorr, to help you rehydrate.
  • During the stages, do not wait until you are hungry to eat. Apart from the "meal" breaks, a small portion every hour will give your body energy.
  • Food enjoyed by the HMDS participants

  • Tabbouleh (easy to rehydrate with cold water)
  • Potato based meals (quick to rehydrate, nutritious and good)
  • Vacuum-packed saucissons (cold meats)
  • Dried fruit (almonds, cashews, raisins, etc.)
  • Fruit paste
  • Energy bars
  • Savoury biscuits
  • Drinking compotes
  • Soups

As part of the partnership with MX3, this latter has created an HMDS Pack specially created to meet the needs of participants during the 4 day desert adventure.​​

The HMDS pack contains:

  • 9 recipes for freeze-dried dishes​
  • 7 desserts​
  • 3 breakfasts​
  • 6 isotonic drink sticks​
  • 13 snacks​
  • 8 energy gels​
  • 1 recovery drink​


Total caloric value: 10,078 kcal​​

Net weight: 3,210g​​

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