On this page you will find all the important information about water supply and management during the adventure, as well as advice and tips from former runners.

Water is essential when you set off to challenge the desert for 120 kilometers. The water supply will be entirely managed by the organization. It will be distributed throughout the adventure so that you have enough water to meet all of your needs, as described below. Each competitor will have to manage their daily water needs according to the distribution of the water supply as indicated on the road-book and at no time will they be able to supply themselves.

From Sunday evening, following technical checks, you will receive 2 bottles of 1.5 liters of water each, which will be used for the night and to fill your bottles up to the first checkpoint in stage 1. So be sure to think about it, because once you arrive at the start of the stage you will no longer be able to fill your cans / gourds for the first 10 km (the distance may vary depending on the routes). At all checkpoints, canisters of mineral water or bottles of water will be available for you to drink, refresh and fill your canisters / gourds, maximum 2L per checkpoint. The control points will be approximately every 10 kilometers on the stages (depending on the route).

Once you cross the finish line of a stage, you will receive a can of 5 liters of water. With these 5 liters of water, you will have to hold on until the first checkpoint of the next day's stage where you can again have water. These 5 liters will therefore be used to make your meals in the evening and in the morning, to wash eventually, perhaps rinse a garment, and especially hydrate yourself for the evening, the morning, and fill your gourds for the 10 kilometers of the next day’s stage. Use it preciously. For the rest day, you will receive 5 liters of water additional to the 5 liters that you will have received at the end of stage 2, which will be given in the evening or in the morning (it will be specified in the Road book).

Advice from former runners on water during the HALF MARATHON DES SABLES:

Advice from former runners on water during the HALF MARATHON DES SABLES:

(Please note, these tips are specific to each. Some tips may work for you, while others won't. It is important to know your needs for the HMDS beforehand)

Drink gently, regularly (2 or 3 sips every 10 minutes), in small quantities and do not wait to be thirsty

  • Add electrolytes to water
  • Drink well during the rest day
  • Have an extra bottle for the long stage
  • Completely fill the water bottles at each checkpoint
  • Use bottles that are stored in the front for easy access to drink and fill up
  • Do not hesitate to water your head and the back of your neck at the checkpoint
  • Note the refueling points (on the road-book) to optimize water management and not drink everything too quickly
  • Putting a wet buff on the wrist helps manage heat It is possible to shower with water without being lacking (Small bottle and pierced cap) - No need to deprive yourself during the race and on the bivouac because the quantities are largely sufficient
  • Do not forget to keep water in order to prepare your meals
  • Get to know yourself by training in conditions as similar to the HMDS as possible.

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