"I followed my father to live with him a rather crazy experience"

Sophie RUTAR (D033-FRA)

Aged 29, Sophie doesn’t lack humour when she explains that she has "come just for fun...to live with my father a rather crazy experience! He convinced to take the plunge – I even kind of remember he gently forced me..." Indeed, despite her athletic silhouette and her love for running, she wasn't really self-confident about the race and didn't think she'd have "the capacity to finish such an event".


Sophie lives in the north of Italy and shares her time between developing new products for the chocolate industry - which her slim figure does not show - and practising her favourite sports: "I run 3-4 times a week - mainly trail sessions in the nearby mountains - and I've just started mountain-biking." She also lived in Belgium where she belonged to a group of passionate people who would spend every other weekend doing trail running.


The HALF MARATHON DES SABLES FUERTEVENTURA is her first contact with both ultratrail and the desert. A quite positive one, apparently, since Sophie says with enthusiasm that she had "great fun during the first stage, with the superb landscapes and the beautiful sand dunes, and despite the first hard climb and the burning heat!" Her father Patrick (D032-FRA), who was carefully and affectionately listening to her, adds maliciously: "Sophie even dared running slightly faster than me – what a lack of respect for her old father!"


To prepare for the event, Sophie admits she did "very little: nothing for backpack carrying, and only one 30-km running session." Despite that, the long stage of yesterday, which she had been waiting for with both anxiety and excitement, went fine, "with a combination of walking and running, and regular food intake to avoid a sudden energy slump." Running at night was another major discovery for this novice, who humbly admits she was "lucky to finish the course with 3 other competitors, who supported me mentally." Support had also been coming from her mother and 3 siblings, who followed her on the event's website and sent texts to encourage her. As to her physical condition after these 2 first stages, "until now, all is well – except for my feet, which are covered with blisters."


And after this event, any projects for the coming years? "I'd like to have a go at triathlon – but first, I'll have to learn how to swim!" Sophie answers before laughing out loud. And looking at her father with complicity, she concludes, with a large smile on her face: "Also...I rely on my father to have other beautiful ideas like this one!"