Make the most of the HMDS FUERTEVENTURA!


Live an out-of-the-ordinary experience between ocean and desert



Make the most of it: spend one night before the race and then 3 nights after you've finished. 

Airport shuttle from Fuerteventura airport, HALF board and access

to all sport amenities at Playitas Resort included:




  • 990€ instead of 1190€ for the first 100 registered
  • Up to 5 people per appartment
  • • More details





  • • 1290€ instead of 1490€ for the first 100 registered
  • 6 people per villa
  • • More details




  • • 1290€ instead of 1490€ for the first 100 registered
  • 2 people per room (seperate beds)
  • • More details


  • Campanion + 500€
  • Double room shared with your companion
  • Double Room confirmed for the 7 nights (sept 23rd to 30th)
  • • More details
For your information: Flights are not included in the price of the 3 package.





Thanks to our exclusive partnership with Playitas Resort, the number 1 sports hotel in Europe, you'll get to experience the HMDS FUERTEVENTURA, from Septemmber 23 to 30, 2018, and enjoy 4 nights at HALF board as well as the Resort's ammenities.


Your 120 km adventure in the heart of the desert will be topped off with a moment of pure relaxation, surrounded by the ocean, an olympic pool, showers, massages, stretching sessions and yoga…

WebSite Playitas Resort: http://www.playitas.net/en