Singapore Cancer Society

Jiong How Lua

Three years ago, a fracture got me catastrophically depressed with recovery too slow and a desire to return to contact sport too fast for me to realize its toxicity. Taking baby steps to rehabilitation, I found joy in the simplicity of running and the art of exploring wild places on foot. Running has since become an extension of my identity, a vehicle for exploring my limits to pain and adversity. Despite the apparent simplicity of the act, running to me is a complex pursuit layered with depth and substance, a shaped by the collective experiences of my friends and teammates who push themselves to their limits every single day.


Over the years, I have developed a profound respect for friends, family and loved ones who fought against cancer ever so bravely. At the same time, I met and became good friends with some truly amazing athletes who used running and their respective sports to raise funds for charity. I felt a burning desire to do something for a cause I believed in. Listening to the stories and learning about the adversities cancer patients courageously fought through has led to me want to use running and racing ultra distances to support their war against cancer, and has given me a powerful source of motivation to push myself to my limits in the upcoming Half-MDS Fuerteventura to raise as much funds as possible for the Singapore Cancer Society.


I will run 120 km in the desert of Fuerteventura on 26th - 30th September 2017 in extreme conditions, and will build up my training with the upcoming Army Half-Marathon on 20th August 2017 (21km), and the Green Race Forest Marathon 26th August 2017 (42km). Come join and support me in this journey of fundraising! Every single cent of donation counts and 100% of the proceeds go to SCS primarily to support cancer patients in their treatment.


Jiong How Lua is currently a full-time undergraduate student at NUS Geography and Tembusu College. He is an avid trail-runner, supported by WAA Ultra Equipment, Nuke Optics and IRun4Ultra, currently coached by Jon Fong from Morph Performance. He first got into running during his stressful A-Level preparation period which coincided with his long recovery from injury and eventually trained for and ran longer distances during his National Service stint as a 3SG in 35SCE. He believes that to be able to run for a cause that he truly believes in is a real honor and an experience he will treasure for life.



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