Do you have questions about the HALF MARATHON DES SABLES program?

Discover the full program, from your arrival on the island until the end of the adventure, with all the stages of the stay in Fuerteventura ...


Sunday: Arrival of competitors, technical checks and night at the hotel

When arriving at the airport, you will be able to take the shuttles set up by the organization. These shuttles will make transfers between the airport and the hotel, on the Sunday of your arrival, at fixed hours (for those arriving before September 20th, transfers are not provided by the organization). We will send you all the information concerning these shuffles in the days preceding the race.

You can also get to the hotel on your own. If you decide to take a taxi, remember that by sharing the trip with other participants, the price will be reduced.

You will have access to your hotel room which will remain yours for the last nights of the stay (also available in the case of abandonment) and which you will share with several people depending on the choice of offer you have made or will make. You must leave in this room all the belongings that you will not use for the race on Monday morning before departure.

    This day will also be that of technical checks (timetables given before the adventure by email), it will then be necessary to come to the places provided for this purpose with all your racing equipment, as well as the original medical certificate of the race completed by your doctor.

    You will receive the race road book during technical checks, with all the important information about the race. You will have to keep it with you throughout the adventure.

    All the information concerning the route and the elevation, will be communicated on the day of arrival in the official road book.

    There will be elevation, but it is not excessive compared to the distance of the stages, and will not exceed 1500m on the long stage, for example. The distances depend on the years and the tracks, but will be approximately as follows:

    • Stage 1: 25 km
    • Stage 2: 55-65 km (40 km for walking distance)
    • Stage 3: 20 km


    Monday: First stage and first night at the bivouac

    Monday morning, breakfast at the hotel.

    This will be the last moment to make sure you pack all of your racing gear in your backpack without forgetting anything, as you will not be able to return to it before the adventure ends.

    Then, you will all be accompanied by bus on the start of the first stage. You will therefore have with you, your backpack and all the equipment for the 4 days of racing. The start of the first stage also marks the beginning of food self-sufficiency.

    Once the first stage is completed, you will arrive at the bivouac. A bivouac commissary will give you your cell and your tent number. Locate it well, because it will remain yours for the 3 nights.

    Tuesday: Second stage and night at the bivouac

    Beginning of the long stage which will last more than 24 hours for some.

    Wednesday: End of the second stage and night at the bivouac

    End of the second stage and rest day. This day will be dedicated to rest, care, but also to meetings and exchanges. Activities will be led by Playitas Resort during this day.


    Thursday: Third stage - Return to the hotel

    Start of the third and last stage. Once this stage is completed, you will arrive at the Playitas Resort hotel where you can find your respective rooms.

    Food self-sufficiency ends when you cross the finish line.

    In the evening, you will be invited to the gala evening, trophy presentation and the Gala dinner.

    Then you will sleep the next three nights at the hotel, before your return, the following Sunday.

    During these days, you will be free, so you can rest and enjoy all the activities and sports facilities of the Playitas Resort hotel, and also of the island of Fuerteventura.

    Regarding your return to the airport, shuttles will be set up as on your arrival. These shuttles will make transfers between the hotel and the airport, on the post-race Sunday, at fixed hours (for people leaving before or after September 27th, transfers are not provided by the organization). All information will be communicated to you during your stay at the hotel.

    You can also get to the airport on your own.



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