What if it could be more than sports?

At sunrise we met Angélique (BIB 96 – FRA) and Alexandre (BIB 34 – FRA) who were at the restaurant at the hotel Playitas.

Last meal before the big departure of the HALF MARATHON DES SABLES FUERTEVENTURA. They’re getting ready to live a “true sportive, and of course a human challenge. We know it’s our last meal before self-sufficiency begins, so we’re enjoying ourselves”. Alexandre tells us that he’s a real foodie, and is a bit scared of that aspect of the race “I’m carrying a heavy backpack, but at the same time I didn’t want to leave without my chocolate mousse and sausage for the long stage”. The remaining part of the bivouac knows who to go to if they get a little hungry.

You can find them on the way to the starting line, just a few meters from the first stage’s arc. They’re going to take on the first 25kms of the second edition of the HALF MARATHON DES SABLES FUERTEVENTURA. We can feel the excitement, and above all, they want to peal off onto Canarian terrain.


Him: Not a bad view for a race’s departure, you don’t think so Angélique?

Her: “I’m so excited!”


They’re a real couple: “we live together, we work together, and we decided to take on a new challenge… to run the HMDS together”, tells us Angélique. What could be the reason that we find their names in the competitor’s list? “I wanted to take her to NYC for her birthday, but Angélique preferred to come to Fuerteventura. Courageous!”

Certainly a couple’s adventure as much as a family’s because our two adventurers decided to share their desert initiation: “Angélique really wanted to create an Instagram account so that our kids could follow us during the next 4 days.” Angelique added, “We want to show them that you can travel and practice sports at the same time.


Good news everyone, they’ve just finished the first stage together! Congratulations to them both and don’t hesitate to show them your support by sending them a word of encouragement during the next stage.