The perfect playing field!

Sun is out and it’s not long before we meet Nicolas Duplaa (Bib 27 - FRA) at the competitor’s bivouac. The atmosphere is a bit tense at the campsite, all of the runners are focused on the upcoming stage. The troops are about to embark on the longest stage of the race, a 66km trail in the heart of the island.

As for Nicolas, he’s all smiles. And with good reason! The Basque runner is filled with confidence following yesterday’s performance on the first stage. He’s in the top 20 classification: “honestly, I didn’t believe it, because there’ plenty of excellent runners here.”

“My dream is to complete the Marathon de Sables Maroc, so I came to the Island to explore and to train” tells us Nicolas. He’s very happy to have had the opportunity to test his equipment, to adapt the contents of hi backpack, especially the food, and to experience the challenge that is to run with an 8kg bag on his back; “Waaoh! It’s a true discovery! I’m sure I went a bit overboard with the food!”

Nicolas underlines the pleasure that he experiences to share such an adventure with different people in the bivouac as he came by himself, “my tent is set up next to French and Englishmen, it’s crazy!”

He throws his backpack on and makes his way to the starting line. He is motivated!

Our Basque friend takes on the 66km of this second stage of the HMDS FEURTEVENTURA. Just before that he tells us “everything depends on today. Le podium is a bit out of reach for me but I can surely do something interesting. I’m won’t forget to enjoy the view of this place, I’m sure it’s going to be just as insane again!”

You’ve surely gotten it by now, our Basque runner is feeling confident but determined to enjoy the race. Right before leaving he sneaked into the conversation that he’s going to come run the HMDS PERU from December 1st to the 9th. Our beloved desert community, we have a new member!