'I don't really think of myself as an athlete.'


The HALF MARATHON DES SABLES FUERTEVENTURA emphasises running as part of a team, thanks in particular to a lower registration price for team members versus individual competitors. Luis BARBER MARRERO understands the conviviality and camaraderie of this brand new event. Luis would sum up his life in five words: 'family, passion, work, running and pleasure.'


He lives just 100 km west of the island of Fuerteventura, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the capital of the island of Gran Canaria. This 46-year-old husband and father of 'three wonderful children' works as a jurist in his own practice.


In terms of sports, Luis didn't get off to a very strong start: he started running later in life, and took part in his first marathon in 2015, in New York. He was 44 at the time. 'This is without a doubt my best sports memory.' The reason why sports were missing from his life? 'Before, I only thought of work, but two and a half years ago, I changed dramatically and started to run to feel better. I don't really think of myself as an athlete, but I do try to stay in shape.'


One might say that he succeeds. He trains four times a week at a gym with his coach, Luis Carlier, and runs four times a week.


He's been thinking about the MARATHON DES SABLES for a long time. He had intended to register for the 2018 Moroccan edition, but his work prevented him from doing so. Nevertheless, he will probably be spotted one day at the mythical event. 'I think it's the pinnacle of all races.' In the meantime, as a member of Clínica Baren, a team consisting of his brother, two friends and himself, he'll cut his teeth in Fuerteventura. He's visited the island many times, but never to run.


The toughest event in which Luis has taken part to date was the Snowdonia Marathon. Competitors in this hilly event run a little more than 42 km in cold, wet weather (in Wales in October). Suffice it to say that the conditions of the HALF MDS FUERTEVENTURA will be different.


His goal in the race? 'To have fun and to learn for future events.' His is a team to follow, perhaps not to the podium, but most definitely for its liveliness and good humour!