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The runners of HMDS FUERTEVENTURA confronted a true sportive challenge between last night, and for those the last ones, early this morning. Indeed certain runners spent more than 20 hours on the Island’s trails to meet up at the bivouac.

After the last arrivals crossed the finish line, rest day finally begins for the competitors at the HMDS. It is the preferred moment for the runners have their booboos looked at by the medical team. We find Véronique (Bib 20 – FRN) at the medical tent who tells us “I’m here to have a few blisters checked after yesterday’s long stage! Nothing too serious.

Native to the west of France, Véronique came in company of a friend to complete this challenge and of course by her husband. Only thing is that he’s not at the bivouac, “oh my husband is at the hotel, he prefers the swimming pool and lounge chairs.” Just like 50 other competitors, their loved ones await their arrival at hotel Playitas.

Véronique reveals to us that she was surprised by the heat but also by the landscapes of the first two stages, “I didn’t expect to run on the beach, on rocky trails, or on dunes all in the same day! Wow, what an adventure with a view!”

“In the end I think that the hardest part is the 3rd stage; you have to finish what you started” laughs Véronique along with Arnaud (Bib 14 – FRN) her friend. “It’s your fault too that I’m here so don’t leave me behind.”

Tomorrow we’re going to closely follow these two friend’s arrival, so don’t hesitate to send them a message.