Live the HMDS FUERTEVENTURA whenever ou want with the "Free Report" option! 


If at the approach of the race you are not ready, unavailable, or injured,

it will be possible for you to postpone or transfer your registration to a subsequent HMDS edition in the current year or the following year:

Postpone to the same destination (example: HMDS Fuerteventura 2020 to 2021)

Transfer to another destination (example: HMDS Fuerteventura 2020 to HMDS Peru 2020 or 2021)


You no longer have an excuse not to embark on the adventure!

Find all the details on the report in the regulations here, (ART 25).


This offer is available until January 31st, 2020



Make the most of it: spend one night before the race and then 3 nights after you've finished. 

Airport shuttle from Fuerteventura airport, half board and access to all sporting activities at Playitas Resort included.




APPART HOTEL (separated men and women)

Up to 5 people per appartment 


1 490€ 


More details



VILLA WITH PRIVATE POOL (separated men and women)

 6 people per villa


1 890€ 


More details



 2 people per room (seperate beds)


1 790€


More details




Share your hotel room with the person of your choice  

+ 600€

 More details






Business package


You would like to participate in the HMDS with your company?

Feel free to contact us to find out more about the business offers:



For your information: Flights are not included in the price of the 3 packages.




Thanks to our exclusive partnership with Playitas Resort, the number 1 sports hotel in Europe, you'll get to experience the HMDS FUERTEVENTURA, and enjoy 4 nights at HALF board as well as the Resort's ammenities.


Your 120 km adventure in the heart of the desert will be topped off with a moment of pure relaxation, surrounded by the ocean, an olympic pool, showers, massages, stretching sessions and yoga…

WebSite Playitas Resort: http://www.playitas.net/en